Discovery's future successes rely, among other things, on the Company's plan to liberate and enhance the value in both emerging and advanced mineral projects. Discovery Harbour intends to achieve this through the Directors' and Management's extensive project and evaluation experience, their commitment to creating and keeping shareholder value and through flexible funding options.

Enhancing the value in Discovery Harbour's projects is expected to increase the value for Discovery shareholders. Corporately, for economic reasons pertaining to exploration and logistical costs, we have decided to focus on our 100%-owned 2BAR base-precious metal project in Nevada . We do still consider our Wabassi Project in Ontario as highly prospective, as evidenced by the two VMS and two gold discoveries there. Our pipeline of twenty-two untested, high priority base and precious metal targets in conjunction with additional evaluation exploration of the four discoveries residing on DHR claims will be revisited when we are able to commence a meaningful and substantial exploration program.

This vision is anticipated to be enhanced by riding the current infrastructure commodity wave. We are confident of this over the moderate and longer term because commodity demand continues to grow at unprecedented levels, and the ratio between annual demand and known in-ground resource inventory is resulting in a steady decrease in the number of years that known producing mine assets can satisfy for a great number of base metals.

There is no doubt that the mining equity market is presently very weak:

  • investors are nervous of the cost models being applied by mining companies - large and small - for the development of their larger mine developments ("complex mega-projects")
  • investors have apparent alternatives for commodity investment via ETF’s and other derivative investment products
  • companies included in market indices have been doing well in recent years: these are commonly large-cap non-miners, and they have attracted investors previously targeting mining.

The trickle-down of these effects to the venture-level mining companies, in particular exploration focused companies has been even more severe.

However, we at Discovery believe that our emerging assets will be very attractive to mining companies that will need to extend their reserves. We will be attractive in part because our high-grade style of mineralization offers a much better risk profile for capital development than the large, low-grade deposit types that underpin the complex mega-projects that have been favoured by the very large market cap mining companies. We endeavor to expand our exploration successes, both in Nevada and Canada, through continued, cost-effective exploration. We continue to perceive and move forward toward the profitability of DHR for our shareholders.

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